Re-designing learning communities

Teachers at PDSupporting people in schools, communities and systems to review, rethink and redesign their work. Some of the questions we are interested in exploring:

  • Who are the students we are trying to teach?
  • How might a large high school find out about each of their students?
  • What other ways might we personalise the school experience for students?
  • How does developing a reflective practice assist teachers to rethink their work?
  • How can we connect the work of students in school to the adult world of community and work? How does this help their learning?
  • How might we attain academic rigour for all students?
  • How do we get examples of practice that work ‘all the way through’ happening when the example is innovative?
  • How do we scale up our learning from such examples when they are successful? 

New work

Design Principles for Learning and School

We are introducing a series on the key ideas of the ANSN – key ideas that inspire our way of working, key ideas that influence how we think about, and work with, schools, and key ideas that we know supports school development.  The first in our series is on Design Principles for learning and school.


Schools Exploring the Big Picture Education Design

Schools and sites exploring the Big Picture Education Design to see how it might be adapted and adopted in their school and community.