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Teaching our Digi Kids book


Teaching our Digi Kids: Stories, strategies and skills to help early childhood teachers integrate technology in their classrooms

by Hanan Harrison, National Networker and Digi Kids Hub Coordinator for the ANSN.

The author of this book, Hanan Harrison, is an ANSN National Networker and has coordinated the development and growth of our highly successful Teaching our Digital Kids hub around Australia. She has also designed and delivered a range of related professional learning programs. An outstanding educator and communicator, Hanan contributes enormously to the broad scope of our work, which includes new thinking about learning, pedagogy, curriculum development and delivery and school organisation, as well as the use of new technologies. Her own interests include curriculum design, continuous improvement of pedagogy and technology integration in the classroom, particularly as these relate to the early years of schooling.

From 2000 to 2009, Hanan has had a key leadership role in a significant partnership between education and industry, since IBM appointed ANSN to project manage the KidSmart Early Childhood Learning Program – a program that included donation of Young Explorer Units to designated preschools, early childhood and childcare centres serving low socio-economic communities across Australia.

This book draws together themes that Hanan has been exploring and writing about over time. Previously, based on her work with the KidSmart project’s schools, centres and teachers, Hanan produced a series of Snapshots for the ANSN and IBM partners. These showcased the experiences of early childhood teachers, and documented their journeys as they implemented technology with a play-based curriculum. The Snapshots celebrated and shared the cumulative learning of teachers about innovative teaching practices that they developed, and their experiences of technology integration, based on participation in the KidSmart project. More details about these Snapshots can be found on the ANSN web site, at

Building upon the work of the KidSmart project, again in partnership with IBM, Hanan has led the development of ANSN’s Teaching our Digital Kids hub, which helps early childhood educators explore innovative practices more broadly in the classroom use of technology. At the time of writing in 2009, she is working with the Queensland Education Department (Ed Qld) and the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) on the Integrating ICT Pedagogy in School Communities project, which is designed to support educational improvements in rural and remote Australia.

In writing this book, Hanan has borne in mind a series of reflective questions that are at the core of our thinking at ANSN about using technology.

  •  Can the technology make my learning and work more effective? More efficient?
  • Can the technology improve the way in which I do my work?
  • Can the technology improve my learning?
  • Can the technology improve the students learning?
  • Can the technology improve the world in which I work?

Hanan has addressed these questions throughout, and has provided the reader with a wealth of proven ideas and practice direct from the classroom. She has produced a book that is a testament to both the innovative work of teachers across Australia and the leadership that she has provided in their professional journey. May it prove valuable to you as you use it in your own teaching practice.

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