Connecting Lives and Learning

The Connecting Lives and Learning website at is a stand-alone resource developed by the ANSN in partnership with UNISA. Alternatively individuals can purchase a CD of all the materials.

The CLL website has been designed to respond to an urgent need for innovative curriculum and pedagogical resources for teachers, schools and systems wishing to confront and address alienation in the middle years, when too many young people ‘drop out’, drift off, or are excluded from schooling

CLL website sections include:

The Challenge

The pedagogical challenge is about finding ways to integrate lifeworld and subject discipline knowledges in ways that don't trivialise either.

Teacher Stories

Find seventeen accounts of the pedagogical experiments by teachers from a range of subject disciplines, attempting to connect with different aspects of their students lifeworlds.

Key Ideas

The logic of Connecting Lives and Learning relies on a set of 'big ideas', and especially on different ways of working with the concept of student lifeworlds.

Doing Research

The teachers stories were constructed as a consequence of their own classroom inquiries. Resources for conducting similar inquires are located here.

PD Resources

This project developed professional development resources on the big ideas, and processes for sustaining professional learning community. You can find one-off activities or a planned sequence of learning.

Publications: Examples from the CLL website