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The Australian National Schools Network (ANSN) is a unique organisation for all schools to join. It explores, develops, documents, supports and shares innovation in teaching and learning, and in school reform. Members of the ANSN know they are supporting the ongoing development of new ideas in education in Australia. 

Members will receive an e-news bulletin at least twice per term. This will provide information about current activity. Members will get discounts on opportunities for participation in research circles, national conferences and professional learning, as well as for publications.

Given the growth of many new and different sites of learning for our young people around the nation, membership of the Australian National Schools Network is open to any learning community – community centres, Training RTOs, TAFEs, community colleges as well as schools.

The Announcement

As indicated in a recent letter to members, the Board of the ANSN has decided that, from 2012, the ANSN is to become a venture of Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA).

We encourage individuals and organisations committed to innnovation in education to join the Big Picture Learning International Network.