Authentic Assessment

Girl shows work

The ANSN has a long history of exploring different aspects of assessment.

As Viv White (previous National Coordinator) says

“We know that some standardised tests can be helpful for teachers, however they don't tell the whole story about the lives, capacities and learning of our young people in schools. They often miss the chance of sharing our greatest achievements and learning from our greatest failures by limiting our assessment to single scores and grades.

What's more, the students are not usually involved in determining the standards to be reached and how they will get there. Educators have long struggled with ways of making assessment more authentic so that our young people in schools get feedback like adults in the workplace and community. Parents need to be active participants too.”

Authentic Assessment Kit (199?) This kit examines some of the key issues surrounding authentic student assessment drawing on the expertise of two renowned educationalists, Nancy Mohr and Dinah Gieske. Both leader and teacher worked at University High School in the Bronx, New York. This school is internationally known for its work on assessing genuine achievement through its ‘roundtable': student graduation through exhibition. It also includes a study of The Grange Secondary College in Victoria assessment by exhibition.

Assessment by Exhibition Project and Kit (2001-2002) The aim of this kit is to make available practical information to help teachers develop and implement an Exhibitions Program, including Roundtable assessment. It was developed from the The Year 9 Student Exhibitions Program is an initiative of the ACT Department of Education, Training and Community Services’ High Schools for the New Millennium (HSNM) project.  The Exhibitions Program provides a framework for high school curriculum renewal.  The program focuses on support for the development by teachers of an “exhibition task”, culminating in student presentations of their work and learning to a panel at a “roundtable”.  The Exhibitions comprise broad learning tasks that are transdisciplinary, problem-based and community focussed.  Working with the University of Canberra and the Australian National Schools Network, the Exhibitions Program developed a process for implementing an authentic assessment model for Year 9 students in ACT public high schools.

Between 2004 and 2007 Viv White coordinated and ran a number of Authentic Assessment, Exhibition and Digital Portfolio research circles and activities.

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